Love, Hope, Humor, and Life’s Ironies – these are just some of the
themes of the songs written and performed by Leonard
Schneeman.   Influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young,
and Bruce Springsteen, these contemporary songs are rooted in
rock, pop, folk, and blues.   The whimsical (and challenging) name
– Steamin’ Schneeman and the Screamin’ Demons is a reflection of
the nature of the music.

The songs are largely chronicles of actual relationships (with a bit
of poetic license thrown in), with some unexpected observations
about the world we live in.  There is a wide breadth of musical style
and viewpoint, and is highly recommended for those that like to
think about (as well as listen to) their music

The Musicians are all superb, resulting in many memorable Guitar,
Harmonica, Organ, and Sax solos.   Featured musicians include
Chris Cutler, Evan Hillhouse, Curt Piar, Ronnie Crumbly, Charlie
Dichirico and Eric Schneeman.

SSSD’s discography includes four CD’s – Lion in the Shade, Hot
Dog and Bun, Midnight on the 18th Hole, and Fillmore Kid.  Their
most recent release, available as a single, is Belly Rubs – self-
proclaimed as “the funniest dog music video ever”.