The Thing that Brings you Back
By Leonard Schneeman
Copyright 1977 Leonard Schneeman

Em                C
I woke up, I turned to you
D                                Em
I reached for you, but you weren’t there
Em                        C
I couldn’t seem to find your face
D                        Em
See your eyes, or touch your hair

C                D                Em
And you know the morning it just slips away
C                D                Em
And tomorrow ends just like it did today
C                D                Em
A thousand dreams will never be
C                D                Em
The thing that brings you back to me

I looked for you my eyes were wild
I trembled as I longed for you
I searched the realms of my mind
Praying that I might find a clue


I cried and I cried for you
I would have done anything
I would have died for you
To share the joy that you could bring


I remember walking in the hills
Singing songs, picking blueberries
Now stoned and cold my body chills
Haunted by your memories


Then one day you’ll return
Your voice a halo on the frozen wind
I’ll hold you then in my arms
Forgetting the pain that I had seen

And you know the morning is here to stay
And tomorrow shines like a brand new day
A thousand dreams will never be
The joy and love and beauty that you bring to me


Then one day you’ll leave again
No regrets on your bloody lips
And to think that I’d cry behind
The hollow sound of your fleeting steps

Em  Em+

     Gm        Am
     C        D

Em  Em+

     D9  D#9  D9
     E9   E#9  E9

Em  Em+

     Cm7        Dm7
     Cm7+9   Dm7+9

Em  Em+
     G+g        A+a          B+b
     C        B        A#        A

Lyrics - The Thing that Brings you Back