The Only One I’ve Ever Love
By Leonard Schneeman
Copyright 1978 Leonard Schneeman

D                        Am
Yesterday, you said to me
D                                Am
There’d be a time when we’d leave
Each other
And start anew

I said that could never be
You were certainly meant for me
And I for you
We’d never part


D+10                                D
And you shine on me like the morning sun
D+10                                D
And you tell me that I’m the only one,
You’ve ever loved
G                                D
You’re the only one I’ve ever loved

But times have changed and season past
It seems sometime s the reason never last
And so
I must go

I hope all of life we’ve shared
Never lost, no never compared
Just remembered
Now and then


Separated now by months and miles
Moving on, but all the while
Thinking about you
And the fun we had

Every word I speak is to you
Every work I hear is from you
I try to do
The kind of things I think you’d want me to


If one day we meet again
Please don’t cry, don’t turn your head
How are you

Your eyes shine bright, mine feel the same
It seems sometimes, that nothings changed
But who
Who’s kidding who?


Yet interludes of songs and dreams
Cannot surpass realities schemes
And so again I’ll go

And though we’ll touch no more
Keep moving on, face what’s in store
I’ll always think about you
Think of me


Lyrics - The Only One I've Ever Loved