Who Shot the Bunny
By Leonard Schneeman
Copyright 2001 Leonard Schneeman

Intro  CG x2

C                G
Wrong – It’s so wrong
C                G
Wrong -  It’s so wrong
C                G
Wrong -  It’s so wrong
C        D        G
Wrong -  It’s so wrong

Em                        G
I was standing outside washing my car
D                         Em
Observant, as was my habit
Em                                G
Looked across the road, saw a patch of fur
D                        Em
It belonged to a little dead rabbit

My neighbor Bill was in his garage
Cleaning a long necked rifle
He winked at me, a knowing visage
A thought he seemed to stifle


C                        D
I said Bill – “I need to know,
C                        D
Where did the killer go?
No Chord                Em   G    D   Em
Who shot the Bunny?”  x2
Em   G    D   Em

He didn’t know he said, scratching his head, Let’s take a closer
I just don’t know if that rotten criminal,
Knew the precious life that he took.

On Bill’s hand I noticed
A bit of black powder
He grinned at me with radiant pride,
Then  said “I better wash this off with a shower”

“But Bill – before you go
Tell me - I need to know
Who Shot the Bunny?” x2

Ok he said, I know
What we’ll do
Let’s scour the police records,
The internet too

As we surfed the web, I noticed
Some blood upon the floor.
Saw some fur near his foot,
Looked like it came from a rabbit’s paw.

“Bill – I’ve got to know
Who could make this blood flow?
Who Shot the Bunny?”  x2

Bill said he needed
To go to the store
I asked him “why Bill,
What are you going there for?”

He’d  run out of bullets
There were shells on the floor
It was about that time when
A curious idea began to form


Am7                     D7                     G
I approached  it with great trepidation
Am7                     D7                     G
I was sweaty with  anticipation
Am7                     D7                     G
Yet I continued my investigation
D7                     A7                     D
I finally made the correlation

As the evidence began to show
I asked “Bill – I’ve got to know -
Did you shoot the Bunny?” x2

Of course not, he said
But he took too much time
But don’t worry he said,
We’ll certainly solve this horrid crime.

I knew right then and there
He was not a man of the breed
That could commit
Such a dastardly deed.

Bill – I need to know
Where did the killer go?
Who shot the Bunny? X2

Sometimes I see Bill,
As he polishes his gun
His face is so serious,
His disposition glum

It seems that he never
Has any fun
Cause he also wants to find
That cowardly son of a gun

Em        G        D      Em
Who shot the Bunny?  x2

Jam  Em G D Em  x6

Bill – I need to know
Where did the killer go?
Who shot the Bunny? x4

Wrong – It’s so wrong   CD
Wrong -  It’s so wrong   CG
Wrong -  It’s so wrong   CG
Wrong -  It’s so wrong   CDG
Lyrics - Who Shot the Bunny?