Little Child of Mine
Leonard Schneeman
Copyright 1986  Leonard Schneeman

Second Fret

D                                       Em
Hey Little Child of Mine, what’s that that you’re trying to say?
D                                 Em
Who’s that you’re looking at, when you look my way?
C                          G
What are you searching for?
C                        G
Can you even guess, what lies in store?
D                                G
But don’t try, there’s so much more.

Hey Little Child of Mine, I should have known right from the start.
First time you’d touch my hand, is when you’d steal my heart.
There are so many things that you will learn.
About how life changes at each and every turn,
But let’s play now, have no concern.


And I know,
You’ll be a great one someday,
And I know,
You’ll grow in so many ways,
And I know
There’ll be sunshine and haze,
D                                                G
Little Child of Mine I’ll love you for all my days.

Hey Little Child of Mine, this life must sure seem strange.
Each time you wake up, the world outside has changed.
As you sleep tight with your Teddy Bear,
Open your eyes and then you wonder where
I am.  It’s alright, I’m over here.

Hey Little Child of Mine, I see you like your swing.
I guess those funny noises you’re making, means you’ll like to
As you smile at me and grab your toes,
And jump around while I change your clothes,
Oh it won’t be long now, until you say hello.

Repeat Chorus
Lyrics - Little Child of Mine