Lion in the Shade
By Leonard Schneeman
Copyright 3/21/98

Intro  DFGD

Lion in the shade                D
Out of the heated sun                D+3 (F)
Looking at the sky                D+5 (G)
Waiting for no one                D

Lion that I know        
Met you long ago
Saw that look of calm
That I will never know

Lion says to me
It’s not easy what I do
There are many out there
Who would cook me into stew

Lion in the shade
Underneath a tree
Looked up and saw
The devil stare at me

Faster – no verse DFGD

The devil said I’ll get you
You will be my prey
I will not wait till tomorrow
You will be mine today

I will eat you for dinner
I will tear you limb to limb
Don’t care what you’ve done
Don’t care where you’ve been

I am the devil
I’m gonna eat you raw
I’ve never seen a creature
I wanted to eat so bad before


     C        G               D
And I am a Lion in the Shade
      C               G
I’m looking out at things,                                 D   
and I am not afraid                        
     C                 G              D
And I am like a Lion in the Shade        

Now the evening comes        D
The breezes start to blow        D+3
I’m waiting in the twilight        D+5
For the Devil’s face to show        D

And though the Devil’s after me
And though I stand alone
I am a Lion in the Shade
And This I’ve always known

FASTER – no verse DFGD

The Devil said you’re mine now
This tree’s about to fall
If you have a last request
I suggest you make that call

The Devil his eyes were orange
They glowed like burning coal
Shooting red hot embers
Beneath my fearless soul

The Devil screamed its over
I’ve got you now he said
I guess I surprised him
When I pushed the tree backwards and it landed on his head


And I am lying in the shade
Looking out of things
And I am not afraid
And I am a Lion in the Shade

And I am a Lion in the Shade
Lyrics - Lion in the Shade